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Local Nurses Honored at Awards Luncheon


The Washington, DC/Baltimore Metro Nurse of the Year and the five finalists were honored at a luncheon at the Ritz Carlton on May 9, 2001. At the luncheon, the nurses spoke to friends, families, and Nursing Spectrum staff about their nursing experiences and their passion for the profession. From left to right: Marla Oros, RN; Margaret Schmidt, RN; James Shelley, RN; Cynthia Saver, RN (Nursing Spectrum Corporate Editorial/Production Director; Karen Hamilton (Washington, DC/Baltimore Metro Nurse of the Year); Patricia Rager, RN (Nursing Spectrum President and Publisher); Wendy Knight, RN; and Delores Silbert, RN. Photo by Keith Weller.


Karen Hamilton, RN, Washington, DC/Baltimore Metro Nurse of the Year, spoke at the luncheon about the joys of nursing, her battle with scleroderma, and her upcoming bicycle trip to raise money to fight the disease.
Photo by Keith Weller.