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  Airline Medical Escort (First-Class Escort)
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Airline medical escort or what we refer to as "First-Class Escort" is a service provided by ATS to patients that do not require private air ambulance services or a stretcher.  Our "non-ambulatory" medical assistance is very appropriate for patients that sit-up or can tolerate sitting in a reclined first-class seat with an airline medical escort  for the associated time and distance.  This airline medical escort service is very appropriate for CVA (stroke) patients, Cancer (CA) patients or patients that have chronic breathing problems such as COPD, Asthma or CHF.  ATS routinely provides airline escort services to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation and private homes.  Following a "medical screening" to determine the suitability for the airline medical escort, we will arrange for the necessary medical "clearance", in-flight oxygen, ticketing and set up all of the appropriate ground transportation.

A first-class seat with airline medical escort provides the patient with maximum comfort as the seat reclines back further and allows more leg room than coach.  It also provides the specially trained flight nurse with more working space  that will accommodate state-of-the-art medical equipment for complete monitoring and the appropriate in-flight medical care.

International Flights
Patients may also warrant airline medical escort on an international airline with a  "Sleeper" seating that converts into a full bed to achieve a completely reclined position.  ATS has specially adapted medical equipment and portable systems that allow for the non-intrusive monitoring of patients during our airline medical escort.  What better way to experience the luxury of world-class services all with the added safety and comfort of the professional and appropriate air ambulance services that an airline medical escort offers.


Specialized Medical Management
When we provide our airline medical escort service, at least one highly-skilled flight nurse will accompany the patient. Supplemental oxygen (or concentrator) may be necessary to compensate for the decrease in cabin oxygen levels for some patients. In addition, it is important to medically monitor our patient with pulse oximetry to ensure proper oxygen saturation and to cardiac monitor heart rates and rhythms. Appropriate emergency medications, airway management equipment and comfort items are all readily accessible to our flight nurse.
When a patient is in a hospital or going to a hospital, even with an airline medical escort, regulations state that he or she must receive the same level of medical care during the transfer. Therefore, advance life support capability MUST be provided. The ATS flight nurse will sit next to the patient, monitoring oxygen levels and cardiac rhythm. In addition, the flight nurse administers medications as ordered, performs non-invasive blood pressure monitoring and charts all vitals signs such as heart and respiratory rates, blood pressures and pulse oximetry readings.




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