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Here are a few examples of the letters that we receive:

December 1st, 2006

Dear ATS team:

I am writing this letter on behalf of my mother and family. We would like to thank Karen and Jeff for their endless support and professionalism during a crisis situation. My mother was traveling abroad with a group on a trip to Florence, Italy when she became ill. I received a phone call that our mother was taken by ambulance to the hospital and her stay was undetermined. No one knew how long our mother was going to be in the hospital. Due to circumstances that were out of our control, my husband and I had to travel to Italy to be by my mother’s beside. Once we arrived, my mother’s condition kept getting worse. After a week's stay, we felt the best solution would be to try and figure out a way to have my mother transported back to the United States with medical assistance. Once our family made this decision, we needed to find a company that was capable of handling this situation and the search began. We are very thankful that my mother-in-law was able to find the website for Aeromedical Transport Specialists, Inc. (ATS), and immediately placed a call to Jeff.

After talking to Jeff and Karen, our family decided to hire ATS (Karen) to transport our mother back to the United States. While I was waiting for Karen to arrive in Italy, my husband had to make arrangements to fly back home to return to work. During this time, a few days had passed, and I was left in Italy by myself; this was a very stressful time for me. While my brother was making the flight arrangements for Karen to arrive, I found myself stuck in a foreign country with little knowledge of the language, culture, and geography. If it weren't for the help and support of Karen and Jeff, my family and I would never have been able to get through this difficult situation. When Karen arrived, I knew the minute I saw her that my mother’s transport home would be ok and that this nightmare would finally be over. Karen was dressed in her navy blue flight nurse uniform and was very professional. She was so nice and was very organized. From this point on, I felt safe and secure. Over the next few days, Karen and I, along with the help from Jeff and my brother in the United States, made my mother’s return home happen. We encountered some additional obstacles at the airport on the trip home, but in the end, everything worked out. The two greatest challenges during this situation were: one, trying to get my mother released from the hospital due to the language barrier.

Two, we needed to depart from the airport in Rome, but we were in Florence, Italy, which was a three hour drive south to reach Rome. Karen and I worked with an ambulance company in Florence and made arrangements to transport my mother, Karen, and myself with the paramedics (in a little narrow ambulance) from Florence to Rome. Once we arrived in Rome, Karen worked her magic in the airport, and before we knew it, we were going home. Finally, after two weeks of seeing four different medical wards, and spending endless hours and countless visits to the hospital to be by my mother’s bedside, she was going home and so was I. I can never repay Karen for her dedication and support that she gave my mother and I. She truly helped me get through this horrible time, and ensured that my mother returned home safely. Karen and Jeff are a great team and they work very well together. If anyone ever runs into a situation where they need to hire a flight nurse for medical transport, there is no need to search any further for a medical transport company. Based on my experience, ATS is the best and most affordable company to accommodate your needs in an emergency transport situation.

Sincerely, Andrea Pownall

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Aeromedical Transport Specialists, Inc. (ATS). When I enlisted them to transport my father, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, from a nursing home in England to one in Reno, Nevada, none of us had any idea of the obstacles that lay ahead.

Through a turn of unfortunate events, my father, a U.S. citizen, found himself in England, committed to an Alzheimer's care unit. Once I was able to obtain con- servatorship, I began the process of returning him to Reno, to a residential care faciIity near my home .

What should have been a routine first-class escort service turned into an international debacle that almost forced my father to remain hospitalized in a foreign country. After I had contracted with ATS to make the necessary airline reservations and escort my father back to Reno, the chief psychiatrist over- seeing him in England unilaterally decided that he should not be released.

Jeff and Karen spent a 48-hour period in phone / fax communication with British healthcare officials, British and American embassies, and a variety of members of congress. Although I had never met them, Jeff and Karen became my advocates and support system during a crisis where I was often tempted to give up.

It was a delight to meet Karen when she arrived with my dad at the Reno I Tahoe International Airport. She shared that she had found the best medicine for dad - she bought him a teddy bear, which remains his cherished companion to this day.

Karen and Jeff's boundless energy, coupled with a wealth of professional experience and genuine caring that money can't buy, combined to create a successful trip home for my dad. I will be forever grateful.


 Linda Warren




Dear Aeromedical Transport Specialists:

We would like to send our deepest appreciation and news about our mother. As you are well aware on October 17th, my mom had fallen while in Washington D.C. on her vacation. Trying to figure out how to return her to Boston had become overwhelming and seemed almost impossible. I was fortunate enough to have someone in the medical profession give me your phone number .


Once I had spoken to you all the pieces started to fall into place. Because of your organized and professional background our family knew mom (or nana), would arrive in Boston soon and with not only experienced medical staff, but with true human caring and kindness.


We were so impressed by the medical crew that accompanied my mom to the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. They were able to answer all of our questions, had a great sense of humor and brought a feeling of warmth and relief to all the loved ones.


My mom is doing well. She is home with VNA services and has about a 6 to 8 week recovery period. Her final reports showed a pelvic fracture with traumatic soft tissue damage. We can never thank you all enough. I have put your phone number in with our important numbers, as I would call again in a heartbeat to entrust you with another family member if need be.


Keep up the good work!



The Henderson Family


Dear Karen:

I would like to express my gratitude for the great job you did for me in bringing Dr. Arnavas safely to his destination in Italy.
I understand that you had difficulties that only an experienced and knowledgeable person like you could have overcome. From the first time I saw you in action, I realized that my dear friend Dr. Arnavas  was in good hands and I felt confident in leaving him in your care.  I cannot thank you more, and when the occasion arises I will not hesitate to recommend you and your company "Aeromedical Transport Specialists, Inc".



Rita Cedrini




To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter to all persons who are the caretakers of a loved one who is a patient in a hospital far from home and are at a loss as to how this person can be transported back home.


This was my dilemma.  My husband had suffered a severe stroke and was unable to sit up for the length of time it would take to fly from California to Maryland. Life has a way of shuffling one's priorities when such an event occurs.

Money loses its priority. Thus, when I contacted the Social Worker at St. Jude's Medical Center in Fullerton, California and received the telephone numbers of several air ambulance companies, I discovered Aeromedical Transport Specialists, Inc. of Manassas, Virginia. Not only was their cost half of other companies but the best in every way.


This company is an Advanced and Specialized Transport Agency. Based near Washington D.C.. It provides services to patients throughout the US and from anywhere throughout the world. Their flights are conducted as advanced life support with a flight nurse administering necessary medical services.

From my initial telephone contact with Jeffrey Hamilton, President to the actual introduction to his wife, Karen, RN, ALS, CLS (Basic and Advanced Life Support, Critical Life Support) where she arrived promptly and smartly uniformed at St. Jude's Medical Center early that morning, I witnessed the most professional, efficient and caring services for my husband and myself. Moving through any large airport such as LAX is difficult at best. But with my husband on a-stretcher and Karen, pulling the medical equipment to the head of the" First Class” line, moving through security and boarding the plane, getting my husband settled, the feat was accomplished. Throughout, Karen performed in the most professional medical manner. There were initial moments when I thought that moving him at this time might have been the wrong decision. But with the careful monitoring of his vital signs, the administration of necessary medications and her confidant counseling, my husband calmed down and things proceeded smoothly.


Flying on United' s Boeing 777 with first-class sleeper and an oxygen system was not only comfortable but luxurious.  Aeromedical Transport Specialists, Inc. was the only company that offered this commercial service. Throughout the ground ambulance services, both Jeffrey Hamilton and his wife were caring and knowledgeable in all aspects of this transfer. I simply cannot express my gratitude for their wonderful services to my husband and myself

Very truly yours,

 Meg Mitchell

Dear ATS,
I was the Captain of this flight from IAD to MIA. I had the pleasure of having Karen Hamilton aboard my aircraft while escorting a patient from Dulles, through Miami to Tegucigalpa Honduras.
 The patient was a male who had suffered an extremely serious closed head injury, and severe
facial trauma.  He required a great deal of assistance, and monitoring.  Unfortunately, on our day of departure, the area was enduring an ice storm, which complicated our effort to remain on schedule.  This threatened to stifle efforts to get this patient home to his
family who had not seen him in twelve years.  In addition, it was important to get him there for his birthday celebration which is today, 12/12.
Forgive me for the lengthy debrief, but I must say, that in all of my years of flying commercially, I have never witnessed such a professional and caring attitude displayed by an onboard medical escort.  Ms. Hamilton's caring and professional demeanor, as well as her skill in aviation physiology are commendable, and absolutely the best I have ever  encountered. 
If all of your staff are of the caliber of Ms. Hamilton,  I would never hesitate to trust the care of my family members to your service.  Totally impressive, completely professional, and  above all, compassionate and caring. 
I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.  Best wishes, and please pass along my comments to Ms. Hamilton. 
Captain Tim Whitby
American Airlines
Boeing 737, Miami
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