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Specialized Aircraft Selected Based on Each Mission Profile
Aeromedical Transport Specialists, Inc. (ATS) offers the most "cost effective" method of air ambulance patient transport. The aircraft utilized by us are all pressurized with a state-of-the-art FAA approved stretcher system. Each aircraft has an oxygen system, suctioning capability and is inverter equipped to allow for a wide range of medical equipment capability.

All flights are staffed with TWO pilots for safety.



Medical Team Staffing    

Each flight is staffed with a nurse of critical care emergency background and a second crew member based on the patient's medical condition.

State of the Art Medical Equipment
ATS routinely provides the finest in transport medical equipment (including several specialized kits).

Physician Medical Direction
In addition, we use the most up-to- date standing orders or "Protocols" that are frequently reviewed and approved by the ATS Operational Medical Director.r

Quality Assurance Program
ATS proudly ensures 100% Quality Assurance Monitoring of each and every flight to continually promote the finest and most appropriate medical care.




  Specialty physicians are provided when medically necessary.