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An Air Ambulance Service Provider and "medical services" company that provides Basic Life Support,  Advanced Life Support and Critical Life Support air ambulance services, airline medical escort, international repatriation and a nationally recognized flight physiology training program for air medical crewmembers. 

Licensed Advanced and Specialized Transport
As a "Licensed Provider" of Fixed-Wing Air Ambulance Transport Basic, Advanced and Specialized (Pediatric-Adult) Life Support Agency, we are capable of delivering care to the critically or non-critically ill or injured adult or pediatric patient.  Our air ambulance services and medical escorts are conducted on a non-emergency, pre-scheduled basis.

Physician Directed Medical Service
The Physician Directed air ambulance "medical delivery system" of ATS is comprised of exceptionally skilled and experienced nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists, all with ACLS and special flight training.  Each flight is staffed with an RN of critical care/emergency background and, when required, a second crewmember consisting of another RN, Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic or a Registered/Certified Respiratory Therapist.  ATS routinely provides the finest in air ambulance transport medical equipment (including several specialized transport kits) and the most up-to-date air ambulance standing orders "Protocols".  In addition, specialty physicians are provided when medically necessary for our air ambulance transports. Domestic and international services range from "basic" airline escort services to "critical" air ambulance inter-facility transfers.  Our teams routinely transport to and from hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, hospices, and private residences.  All air ambulance requests are accepted without discrimination due to race, sex, color, age, religion, nationality, ancestry, handicap or medical condition.  Access to ATS service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cost Effective and Medically Appropriate
ATS provides Advanced and Critical Life Support care air ambulance and uses the MOST "cost-effective" and "medically appropriate" method of air ambulance transport.  We routinely provide long or short-range aircraft air ambulance and commercial airline services for critical or non-critical patient flights both domestically and internationally.  All private air ambulance aircraft utilized by ATS are air conditioned / pressurized with a state-of-the art FAA approved stretcher, oxygen system, and inverter equipped to allow for a wide range of air ambulance medical equipment.  Commercial airline "stretcher" and "escort" flights are conducted with the finest in equipment capabilities specifically tailored to this purpose.

Flights Always Staffed with TWO Pilots
To guarantee "Safety of Flight" we staff all air ambulance flights with two pilots.

Meets or Exceeds National Standard of Care
ATS meets or exceeds standards developed by the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS), the Professional Aeromedical Transport Association (PATA) and all aircraft operations comply with FAA Op. Specs respective to air ambulance flights


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